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2024 Webcast Library

IBD: Emerging Therapies in 2024

Presenter: Maria T. Abreu, MD

Dealing with Recurrent C. diff in IBD

Presenter: David H. Kerman, MD

Co-Management of Patients with IBD & Rheumatologic Conditions

Presenter: Basya Nachlas, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Intestinal Ultrasound

Presenter: Erin Forster, MD, MPH

The Global Epidemiology of IBD and Factors Contributing to Its Rise

Presenter: Oriana M.
Damas, MD, MSCTI

IBD: Is There Any Difficult-to-Treat Population?

Presenter: Siobhan Proksell, MD

Dietary Modifications in Patients with IBD

Presenter: Eytan Stern,

Transition of Care from Pediatrics to Adult

Presenter: Amber Langshaw, MD

Prior Authorization Process from PharmD Perspective

Presenter: Julia Rowen, PharmD, MSCS

Fistulizing Disease

Presenter: Michele Kissous-Hunt, PA-C

Surgical Management and Treatment of Pouchitis

Presenter: Nivedh Paluvoi, MD

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