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Presenter: Carol Antequera DMSc PA-C

Navigating the PA Process for IBD MEdications

Presenter: Bety De La Torre, RN & Ashley Horne, BSN, RN

IBS and IBD: Everyone's Favorite Patient

Presenter: Morgan Allyn Sendzischew Shane MD

Pouchitis in IBD Patients

Presenter: Janette Villalon, PA-C

Diet and IBD

Presenter: Luis Garces, RD/LDN

Pregnancy and Fertility in IBD

Presenter: Siobhan Proksell, MD

Iron Deficiency Anemia in IBD

Presenter: Mailenys Ortega, APRN

Surgical Interventions in IBD

Presenter: Vanessa Hui, MD

Biologic Therapies for IBD

Presenter: Orianna Damas, MD

Intestinal Ultrasound in the Managment of IBD

Presenter: Maria Abreu, MD

Autoimmune Hepatitis in IBD

Presenter: Carla Molliner, PA-C

IBD 101

Presenter: Amar Deshpande, MD

Professional and Career Development for APPs

Presenter: Kimberly Kearns, MS, APN-BC

Non-IBD Colitis

Presenter: David Kerman, MD

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